A self-described ‘creative,’ Amber expresses her artistic side by drawing and painting. You might be surprised to learn that she likes to rap and beat box, too! Though new to the Urban Aesthetics Team, she has a kind heart and a nurturing touch, making her a client favorite. She believes strongly in the power of preventative skincare techniques, plus is passionate about helping clients to take ‘early action’ against conditions such as acne and pre-mature aging. She’s certain that flawless skin creates the perfect canvas for natural, yet complementary, makeup – which she’s happy to help you achieve, for any occasion!

“It feels absolutely amazing and rewarding to help those who struggle with certain skin conditions. Skin is the largest organ in the body and is the first thing you see when you meet somebody. Because I can relate to being insecure about my skin, I'm overjoyed to be in a field where I can help those overcome their own specific concerns to reveal beautiful healthy skin allowing them to feel more confident.”

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