The Difference Between Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Grade Beauty Products

At Urban Aesthetics, our skincare experts help to establish proactive and custom-tailored skincare routines that produce visible results. During this process, we sometimes get asked: what separates bargain beauty buys from their luxury-priced counterparts? The answer is simpler than you might think. Skincare products can be divided into two categories: pharmaceutical grade and cosmetic grade.

Cosmetic Grade Beauty Products

Cosmetic grade products can be purchased at department stores or drug stores. Because they can be acquired without the advice of a licensed skincare professional, these products contain low-dose ingredients that are no more than 70% pure. They’re minimally irritating – but they’re effectiveness is also minimal.  The active ingredients (though similar to those contained in luxury brand products) are diluted to the point of ineffectiveness, plus they’re more likely to contain synthetic ‘filler ingredients,’ such as fragrances and preservatives.

Pharmaceutical Grade Beauty Products

Alternatively, pharmaceutical grade products can contain ingredients that are up to 99% pure. Because the ingredients are undiluted, they can have a powerful effect on the skin. From reducing the signs of aging to banishing blemishes, pharmaceutical grade products contain high-quality ingredients that can be combined to suit any skin type or concern.

Urban Aesthetics offers only top-quality grade products. We’ve researched diligently and have partnered closely with Epionce, which provides the perfect blend of active and key, botanical ingredients. The results are simple and straightforward: Smoother, healthier and more radiant skin that defies the visible signs of aging.

Unlike your bargain drugstore buys, when used consistently, an UA prescribed skincare routine can affect lasting, deep-down change, that will leave you looking and feeling your very best – for decades to come. Next time you have a few minutes and are in Rocklin, stop by and we will be happy to make some product recommendations and/or schedule your next skincare treatment.